Cardizem (Diltiazem)
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Product description: Cardizem is a calcium channel blocker which is used to treat high blood pressure, chest pain, and certain heart rhythm disorders.
Active Ingredient: Diltiazem
Cardizem as known as: Acalix, Acasmul, Adizem, Alandiem, Aldizem, Altiazem, Altizem, Angiazem, Angiodrox, Angiolong, Angiotrofin, Angiozem, Angitil, Angizem, Balcor, Beatizem, Bi-tildiem, Blocalcin, Cal-antagon, Calnurs, Cardiser, Cardium, Carreldon, Cartia, Channel, Clarute, Clobendian, Cohlen, Conductil, Coramil, Coras, Corazem, Cordisil, Cordizem, Coridil, Corodrox, Coroherser, Corolater, Cortiazem, Corzem, Cronodine, Daltazen gmp, Dasav, Dazil, Deltazen lp, Denazox, Diacor, Diacordin, Dial, Diazem, Dil-sanorania, Dilaclan, Dilacor xr, Diladel, Dilatam, Dilcardia, Dilcontin, Dilcor, Dilem, Dilfar, Dilgard, Dilgina, Diliter, Dilmacor, Dilmen, Dilocard, Dilrene, Dilsal, Dilt-cd, Dilta-hexal, Diltahexal, Diltam, Diltaretard, Diltelan, Diltenk, Dilti, Dilti sr, Diltia xt, Diltiagamma, Diltiangina, Diltiastad, Diltiasyn, Diltiax, Diltiazemum, Diltiem, Diltiwas, Diltor, Diltzac, Dilzacard, Dilzem, Dilzen-g, Dilzene, Dinisor, Dipen, Doclis, Dodexen, Elvesil, Entrydil, Ergoclavin, Ergolan, Etizem, Etyzem, Evascon, Frotty, Grifodilzem, Hart, Hemarekeat, Herbesser, Hesor, Hirosutas r, Hypercard, Incoril, Iski, Kaizem cd, Kaltiazem, Korzem, Lacerol, Lanodil, Levodex, Litizem, Longazem, Lutianon r, Marumunen, Masdil, Mavitalon, Miocardie, Mono tildiem, Myonil, Nackless, Neocard, Oxycardil, Paretnamin, Pazeadin, Presoquin, Progor, Riazem, Rozen, Rubiten, Seresnatt, Slozem, Surazem, Taztia, Ternel, Tiadil, Tiazac, Tiazem, Tilazem, Tildiem, Tilhasan, Tilker, Tizem, Trumsal, Umezar, Uni masdil, Vasocardol, Viazem, Youtiazem, Zandil, Zem, Zemtard, Zildem, Zilden, Ziruvate

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